About us

At Recuperaciones Font we are carriers and integrated managers of industrial waste, authorised by the Spanish Agencia de Residuos since 1994 with the codes T-183 and E-85.94.

We adapt to the needs of the customer depending on the special features of its sector. We have all kinds of containers, compactors, cubicontaniers, mobile containers, etc. for the collection of waste.

For further information, contact our sales department or visit our facilities.

Learn about our history and trajectory through this chronology:

Four generations of commitment to nature

  • 1942

    1st Generation

    The company was established in Barcelona and its main activity was the collection of rags.
  • 1962

    2nd Generation

    The company moved its facilities to Santa Coloma de Gramenet. The activity was focused on the recovery of waste in favor of the environment.
  • 1982

    3rd Generation

    The company moved to Moncada i Reixac, our current location.
  • 2002

    4rd Generation

    Expansion of the activity with the creation of the selection and recovery plants.
  • 2012


    We extended our storage area with 2000 m2 of facilities in the town of Montcada.

A trustworthy company of professional services

At Recuperaciones Font we focus our efforts on the valuation and recovery of industrial waste and managing multiple materials. Our purpose is to give an agile service to the industries who want to trust their concern for preserving the environment to a reliable, formal, professional and expert company with more than 60 years of experience, wich believes in the regeneration and sustentable conservation of nature.