Our services


We put at your disposal a fully personalized and flexible waste management services. In order to carry out this commitment, we carry out a previous study of your needs in environmental matters.

Right after, we strategize the best solution -always keeping in mind terms of practicality- to streamline the most waste management, trying to reduce the time the employees have to devote to the management, as well as taking into account the more efficient, viable and economic management.

Within the integrated management of waste, we include from paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, banal, etc. to dangerous waste such as drugs, cosmetics, soap, detergents and sprays. The treatment and stabilization of such materials are carried out at TSI, the Recuperacions Font division focused on the management of chemical waste.

In our own way to make you the task of waste management more comfortable and simple, we help you to fill out the annual declaration of waste, as well as to obtain the required certificates.

Our commitment to fast and operative service is linked to a neatness in the documentary management of our services (delivery notes, monitoring sheets, acceptance cards, certificates of destruction, etc…).


Recuperaciones Font and TSI, companies that belong to the same corporate group, are specialized in the integral management of waste from laboratories, pharmaceutical, cosmetics companies, soaps & detergents and sprays.

It support us a great experience in the sector. Since 1994, we do the GIR in these sectors that require more delicate treatments.

What type of waste do we treat?

  • Destruction of medicines and cosmetics, destruction of packaging, displays or cases.
  • Witnessed destructions of psychotropics and narcotics.
  • Destruction of soaps and detergents, makeup and shampoos.
  • Treatment of aerosols: emptying of aerosols for the recovery of the tin.
  • Certificates of destruction by witnessed or graphic evidence.


We manage the collection and destruction of diferent types of documentation:

  • Confidential documents
  • Destruction of obsolete lots and packaging
  • Delivery of certificates of destruction
  • Witnessed destruction under surveillance